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Go Warp Speed and enjoy the effects of our gummy Moon Bars in 5 minutes(available in Grape flavour).
Or take your time and let it take effect in 30.

Warp Speed

Fast-acting Gummy




Warp Speed

Fast-acting Gummy

Our warp speed THC gummies have been engineered, with moon technology, to bring you a completely different experience from traditional Cannabis edibles. The THC molecules have been uniquely broken down by our formula so your body does not need to wait for the digestive process to begin feeling the effects. As you chew our Moon Bars and your mouth begins to water the THC molecules are able to pass through the lining of your mouth and begin absorbing immediately, activating within seconds to minutes. Whatever isn’t absorbed through at first will quickly be digested delivering a uniquely balanced and stable experience.

  • take back control of your experience, no more guessing and waiting
  • choose to microdose throughout the day without feeling overwhelmed
  • a significant alternative to smoking or vaping

For a traditional feeling from Cannabis edibles that is stronger and more powerful we still recommend our high dose, regular THC gummies.

High Dose Gummy

Blue Raspberry


Green Apple

High Dose Gummy

Our high dose, regular acting gummies are made from lab tested D9 distillate extract. All of our products are infused with the cannabis extract and individually made instead of coated like other knock off brands. When regular cannabis edibles are eaten they must go through the process of digestion where the body slowly breaks it down. Once it has been absorbed into the liver it is released into the body as different chemical which has a much more potent effect than one would experience if they were to smoke cannabis. Unfortunately the liver also filters most of the psychoactive ingredients out by the time you feel the effects. This waiting time can be short or take up to a few hours to work depending on the person.

  • longer activation time but stronger feeling

  • great for experienced users

For a faster acting product that is easier to control we recommend trying our one of a kind Warp Speed fast acting gummies!

Lab tested

Fast Acting

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