The Story

Who We Are

Disturbed by a lack of cannabis enhancing technology on Earth we sent our crew to the moon, with a passion and mission to revolutionize the average experience for every day cannabis users, and high hopes of healing humanity.

Amongst our team are space engineers, intergalactic chefs and the best science nerds anyone can find amongst the galaxy. Together we refer to them as our Moonbase Medics. Our MoonBase Medics have landed at Warp Speed, and as we had hoped, we have already made major advancements and continue to discover more ways to enhance the Cannabis products that Earth direly needs!

From our MoonBase to your door, you’ll find the best Cannabis edibles on the market, with a dash of science and a sprinkle of Stardust. So pack your bags, put on some Rocket Man, and get ready to blast off like you never have before!

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